Play list from Mac to iPad


i have my own Music Library on my Mac with playlist on my Mac.

How can I get the Playlists and the Songs on my iPad.
The folder with the song on my Mac is DJmusic.

thx for help

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It depends where you created this playlist. If you were in the “My Collection” view (the orange one), there is no way to transport playlists between devices. For more context look here: Syncing My Library Playlists between Devices - #51 by LaidbackFred

My way of transporting playlists is to use as my main source. I sync my music between my Mac and my iOS device this way and so I have the same playlists on all of them. The only thing is that on iOS devices you will lose your playlist folders so all of your playlists will be together in the same place.

Thx DJJoe for the answer, that’s bad.
There is no way to export the playlist and import them in Djay iPad?


Do you know that any playlist you create in the Music app automatically shows in djay?
Do you also know that songs do not necessarily have to be in itunes for it to be in Music?
You should have created your playlists in Music app, which is very easy to sync to an iPad or iPhone via cable. The only limitation is: if the files are too large for the size of of your iPad drive.

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Hey @dergerman,

Thanks for reaching out with your question. Just wanted to chime in here and confirm what @djjoejoe has shared in his post.

The Community thread he linked is where we are tracking user requests and feedback about this. Feel free to add your own feedback or vote for this functionality over there => Syncing My Library Playlists between Devices. You’ll also find workarounds there that other djay users have found helpful, such as the one djjoejoe shared for using the Music app/library source as your primary source to sync playlists.

I will continue to push this topic internally and keep the linked thread updated accordingly. Thanks in advance for your understanding!

I had this problem in 2021 but the other way round (couldn’t get playlists from iPad to MacBook. I made this 90 second video of my work around.

Thx, I did it with Apple Music too


I use Tidal to create the playlists so it appears in all my devices and it brings the hot cues and saved loops. Only problem is that you have to go to Tidal to update the playlist and then refresh the library on the software. You can’t update the Tidal playlist from Djay

I use Tidal too, but sometimes you have no Internet, I live in Germany, the Land of the Internet :slight_smile:

I got this with making playlists in Apple Music


I agree that the inability to download is a big issue. All of that could be solved if Djay synchronized across all devices

If you are willing to use itunes aka music there is n easy solution: iTunes-match will sync all your playlists on all you apple devices.

What is music app? This us alot of steps to need to take

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Apple dropped the word “iTunes” and began using the word “Music” in all their later devices.
My 2020 iPad and 2019 Mac do not have the app iTunes anymore, but rather Music

iTunes is still there on the Mac.
It is located in the Finder now.

on which mac? Year? OS?

Big Sur.
In 2019 Apple move iTunes to the Music App.
You can also see your connected devices on the left panel to sync through Finder

Hello Adam. I am struggling with this issue. I don’t know if there is anyway you can help me via zoom to resolve this. :pray::pray: