Play/Pause button FLX4 Deck 2 not working

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  • Device model: ipad pro 6 Gen 2022 1M
  • Version of operating system: IOS 17.3. latests
  • Version of djay: 5.1.4
  • Hardware/controllers used:
    DDJ FLX4
    Summary of the issue:
    suddenly wile performing deck 2 play/pause button wat hit one time but the track is not responding. nor the hotcue’s are… when hitting an other cue, it’s also not playing wheln hold down. nothing happens.
    when looking ad the midimapping the button is responding normal and is working there/
    when back to try again still problem persist… needed to take out the USB and back in …
    now it all working again.

How to reproduce the issue:
no … use it in pro mode… it just starts to do this… never had this on 4deck mode

Hi @johnnyboyx, thanks for sharing the details.

  1. How exactly are you connecting the FLX4 to your iPad? Please share photos of all cables, USB hubs, chargers and adapters.
  2. Is your iPad connected to power with the original Apple cable and charger? Is it charging normally?
  3. Have you downloaded and installed the latest FLX4 firmware from Pioneer?
  4. Are you using the “built-in” MIDI Mapping for the FLX4 or a custom edit?
  5. Please share a screenshot of your djay Settings>MIDI Devices page.