play playlist in order

I would like to play a Spotify playlist in the order that I made it automatically so that I don’t have to change every record. However the only way I can see to do this is with auto mix which plays the tracks in a random order.

Basically I’m having a party and I want to dance to the tracks. I don’t want to change each track. But I would like them to auto fade from one to the other – but not in a random order.

Is there a way to add a Spotify playlist to the queue and then have it play in order automatically?

Which djay version / device do you use?
In case you’re using djay 2 for iOS or djay Pro, make sure “Shuffle” is disabled at the Automix preferences. Your Spotify playlists should be played in the given order.

How to you get the playlist from spotify to play? I can select a song once logged into spotify but I cant figure out how to play the whole playlist ? I ahve the IpadPro with the app