Play Tiny Key 25 on Djay Pro

Hi there, I am trying to install Tiny Key 25 to play some piano on Djay Pro II.
Configuration looks okay but in the action category, I don’t find how to add the piano notes.
Thanks a lot if you can help !


Thanks for reaching out about this. It looks like you may have already been helped by our Support Team via email, but I also wanted to provide the answer here in case others in the Community had a similar question.

Please note that you can map any MIDI Device to control djay Pro 2 using the app’s MIDI Learn feature. For steps on how this works, please see our FAQ:

I’m not sure how you’d like to use the piano exactly with djay, but using the MIDI keyboard on djay Pro 2 as a piano keyboard is currently not supported. However, you could use that MIDI device on another app like Garage Band, Ableton, etc. On djay Pro 2 you can also use Ableton Link:

Hope that helps. Have fun getting creative with djay!

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