Playback issues and windows app crashing

did message a few months ago but don’t seem to have had a solution. I have two major issues with your software running on a 3 year old HP LAPTOP on which all other software runs fine.

Firstly when DJ’ing with spotify sometimes the track loads visually with the waveform in the deck window, but when playing back is completely silent. The fader is up and correct deck is on air but no sound, although they track plays in the deck window and time counts down as the marker moves through the waveform. The only way to sort this is to search for the track again and reload it on the same deck… And it’s fine. For live DJ’ing this is very irritating as I get dead air when this happens… Its completely random, on either deck, my Spotify connection is fine as everything else is connected, playlists, play queue etc, and the track APPEARS to load with its waveform fine

If I use CUE to test each deck off air I can sometimes find this bug before that deck goes live as no audio on cue either, but not always. Oh and the visual output level on any affected deck is zero when this happens, despite the waveform having loaded fine visually.

Tried all manner of different layouts, ie two and four decks, and this happens on both automix and manual use.

Second, and worse, at least once every gig the whole app will suddenly cut all playback, and all controls totally unresponsive and the app will close after about 20 seconds by itself. Restart will sort this but every time, every gig, your app will fully crash randomly, and all audio stops dead…

I only use my laptop for djing when working, nothing else runs in the background, and I need to find out if this is a known issue? I have Windows ten fully updated, 8gb ram and 1 TB hard drive, laptop is perfect usually when not djing.

Can you help solve this problem? Is there some way I can get a log of the app to record this issue? It is every time, but random during five hour gigs, losing one deck audio any time, while a full crash tends to occur after a good three to four hours working, but it’s random with no warning. I paid for your app and at present it is not fit for its described purpose.