playing iTunes playlist on a same desk without blank in between songs

I’m french (nobody’s perfect…) so please, excuse my poor english… I manage a bar and I use the iPad to play my music, when I can, sometimes I do some DJing, that’s the reason why I’ve bought your wonderful app DJAY, it’s just great ! but when I’m too busy, I play compilations with all the songs already mixed, I know that I can use ‘automix’ on your app to do that, but it plays the cossfaderings differently, and most of the time not as well as they are on the compilations… so I have to play then with iTunes, and I have to say It is quite annoying to switch from an app to the other, especially when my place is full… etc…
So my question is : is it possible to play my compilations on DJAY as they’ve been made without using ‘automix’ ?
If not, are you planning to make this possible in the near future ?

Thanks for your answer.

Hi Christophe,

Please try the following Transition settings:

  • Style: Standard
  • Duration: 0 sec
  • Trigger Before End: 0 sec
    (- Auto-Sync BPM: OFF)
    (- Shuffle: OFF)

Does this work for you?

Thanks for your quick answer,
In fact, I’ve tried that but unfortunatly, first there is still à little gap in between the songs, but for me, the main hassle when I use ‘automix’ is the process I have to go thru to play the playlists :
clic automix > then clic automix list (or playlist) > choose the album or the playlist > then clic automix again (almost there, yeah !..) > and then clic OK !!! when you do that at home, no problem, but when your working in a bar… almost impossible most of the time !.. and so much easier to go back to stupid Itunes…

So now, my question is :
Could you just include a new feature in your already great app :
A button or a way to choose between ‘single’ (playing only one song at the time on each deck, as it does now), and ‘continuous play’ permitting to play album, a playlist or a compilation on the same deck, without going thru all the automix staff, just as it simply exists on every CD deck ?

I have talked about this problem with two of my friends who like me, have restaurants and bars on the côte d’Azur, we all have and use Ipads
now, but for the moment this difficulty of play complilations easlly on your app forces us to go back to bloody Itunes all the time… dommage…

It would be just great if you could do that ! thanks for your amswer.