Playing saved spotify songs on Djay 2

This feature has been available since version 2.7.9 but even on 2.7.10, when I’m offline it says I must be online to use spotify. Has anyone been able to play saved spotify songs? Thx.

As a DJ who plays around on the edges of mobile coverage quite often (tropical islands and the like) this feature is of great value for me. Given the amount of time that people have been asking for it, and how technically simply it presumably is - there must be some Licencing/business reason behind it?

Algoriddim can you please give us a straight answer as to why this feature cannot be made available?

Then I can start to look for other solutions which can provide what I need, which would be a shame, because I am really comfortable with the djay2 interface, which I mostly use as an iPad side unit on my Traktor S4 for requests, but sometimes for main gig unit as well.

However I’ve used everything from Denon rack mount through Pioneer tabletop and various laptop solutions, I’ll pick something else up easily enough like I have many other times.

You know at some point Apple are going to go here, and you guys are going to be gazumped, my advice is to cut the deal with Spotify - surely you’ve given them enough new subs (like me) to have some leverage in the conversation by now?

I have seen the posts on other threads btw - but my frustration still stands - it’s been quite a long time that this has been a top feature request.

Sorry, we should have gone more into detail. Spotify offline is still NOT supported by djay. Nevertheless, djay 2 comes with these new features:

  1. Spotify delivers a “Song” section. It hasn’t been supported by djay 2 before the latest update. Now, djay 2 shows it at the top of the “Playlists” section.

  2. Furthermore, you can save the history of your “Current Session” to a new playlist within your Spotify Library. Therefore, tap the Spotify icon at the upper middle and tap “Export”.

Adrian , can you please respond to the questions from Henrik?
It not at all about offline etc , its about my playlists , please see my questions.

Thanks Adrian.

What about Djay Pro? Any plans to integrate Spotify offline mode in the future? I really love the Djay interface. But I am currently deciding between Djay Pro and Virtual Dj (which does provide a music subscription with offline mode). I truly think this addition would make Djay the absolute best DJ solution available.

Plans to add Apple Music integration?

Still no “available offline” support on Djay 2 :frowning:

It’s tough to rely on internet connection. And it’s sad to have the feeling that the solution is just around the corner.

Yes - Offline mode would be a Super Starr Dj software
and Pioneer DDJ RB support too

all my spotify playlists were available in djpro in the demo vs. now after purchasing the app I cannot access any of them.

Agree… no word from Djay Pro after two years. Any solution yet to offline application even with a premium Spotify account? Please help or recommend

I agree with the other guys here, plz integrate Spotify offline mode in the Djay Pro.
Its a pain in the a** when you have bad internetconnection / non internet.

Can ́t you integrated it so that Djay Pro looks at the “offline/downladed tracks” directly in spotify

I agree with Andrew Collum
"I truly think this addition would make Djay the absolute best DJ solution available. "