Playlist creation on djay for Android

I’m disappointed to learn that I can’t create a playlist directly in djay pro. I switched from another DJ app because this one comes more highly recommended, but the other app allowed playlist creation - a must have feature for me.

I read that I could create a playlist using another music app like Windows Media Player, Groove Music Player, but none of those apps are available for my Samsung Tab A7. VLC player is available, and I’m able to create playlists there but I do not see them in djay pro. What app is available on this tablet that will allow me to create a playlist that I can then use in djay pro?



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I’m sorry to inform you that, for now, it is currently not possible to create playlists directly in djay for Android. We are currently working on improving several aspects of the media library in djay. We kindly ask for your patience while we do so.

Since Google discontinued Google Play Music some months ago, you’ll need to create your playlists in YouTube Music with your local tracks. Playlists created there will appear on djay.

I’ll personally let you know when this is improved on djay for Android.

Thanks for your understanding. Let me know if you have any other questions.


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Thanks for the quick reply. I just submitted a post in the suggestions area for this, along with some related abilities that would really be helpful.

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I use djay pro for Android and really wish I could create a playlist directly through the app. I need it primarily for local songs stored on the device or SD card (not streaming songs) . I have used another DJ app previously which allowed this, and I really need this ability.

I would also find the following features super helpful when it comes to playlist creation:

  • Ability to browse or search in the library and then add multiple songs at once to a playlist, rather than just individual songs one at a time
  • When adding a song to a playlist, the playlist you’ve added to most recently appears at the top to select, rather than having to scroll through all the playlists to find the desired one each time
  • Ability to change the order of songs in a playlist once they have been added
  • Ability to copy a playlist and save it with a new name. Then I can make slight alterations as needed while still retaining my original playlist.
  • Delete playlists through the app

Thank you for considering this!

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Continuing the discussion from Playlist creation on djay for Android:

Additional information to YouTube Music
You have to activate an option in the YouTube Music Settings that local tracks will be visible.

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Thanks for pointing that out @prittstift69. That could in fact be very helpful to some users visiting this thread in the future. I’ve edited my comment above and will mark it as a solution. For the initial question.

We kindly ask for your patience while we still work on improving the library management on djay for Android. Thanks for your understanding.

Cheers, G

I have recently started using Djay for Android on my Chromebook, and yes, this playlist creation ability would be helpful. For my kids’ learning how to DJ, it would be extremely helpful if they could pull songs from their Google Drive since the Chromebook has very limited internal storage. As you note, Google discontinued its Play Music service in favor of YouTube Music some months ago, at which point a lot of us decided it was better to just host our libraries in our own cloud space (plus hard drive backups :wink: ) to avoid this kind of shakeup in the future.

Also would be helpful to fix a few other little annoyances with the app for non-touchscreen Chromebook users. One that comes immediately to mind: The two-finger scroll using the trackpad doesn’t release when you lift your fingers from the pad, so you have to click or else every attempted movement of the pointer after you scroll through a list results in more scrolling. This might be fixed with an external mouse, but I don’t have one with which I can test at the moment.

Another thing would be expanding the hardware that can work with the Android app. I had an opportunity to snag a Pioneer DDJ-SB3 – slightly old-school but a few more features than the newer DDJ-200 – but Djay for Android doesn’t recognize it because it can only look for a Bluetooth device, not a USB OTG midi device.

I’m new here, so in the spirit of keeping things brief and friendly THANK YOU for giving Android and Chrome OS users this great program! My kids are enjoying their journey into learning the craft of DJing thanks to this very accessible option. I bought the premium version of the app because I want to support this kind of work.

Hey @Bngr,

Thank you for joining our Community and thank you for your support.

Also, thank you for reporting that bug you’ve been experiencing on your Chromebook. I’ve reported this to our developers to investigate this as soon as possible. I’ll keep you informed about the development process.

We are aware of the high demand to add more controllers to Android. We appreciate you taking the time to share this request with us. Our team is continuously improving the app, so your feedback is very helpful in ensuring future developments are aligned with the wishes of the djay community. I’ll keep you posted with any updates.

If you have any other questions/suggestions, please don’t hesitate to comment or open a new thread.

Cheers, G

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@prittstift69 I see the button in the YouTube music to show local music, but for some reason I can’t activate it. When I switch it to on it immediately goes back off again. There is no error message or anything. It just won’t stay on. Anyone know how to resolve that?

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I have a 512G Pixel 6 Pro and keep a TON of media on my device via Drive Sync. As such, I keep a .nomedia file in the root of my sync’d Google Drive so that apps don’t scan my entire disk (400 gigs of audio/video media) and I can manually move around media as needed for specific app usage outside of the folder with a .nomedia file. However, it appears that Algoriddim does not let you specify a specific disk folder to scan for your tracks – it just scans the entire disk (but correctly ignores .nomedia folders). So, I can’t find any of my local media. Would it be possible to allow Algoriddim to scan a specific folder instead of the entire disk for DJ Tracks just like how all Desktop DJ apps work?

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