Playlist export to Apple Music?

  • Device model: iPad 2020
  • Version of operating system: ios17
  • Version of djay: pro
  • Hardware/controllers used: re loop Beatpad 1

Your question:
With both Tidal and (latterly) Spotify, I was able to export a DJ set playlist from the history tab. With Apple Music (which otherwise I love) this option seems to have disappeared.

Have I missed something?

Hi @DjXlibris, it shouldn’t matter what your music source is (Tidal, Beatport, Apple Music, etc.), djay automatically saves the history of every DJ Set.

  1. Simply open the My Collection Source in the left pane,
  2. Select the History tab at the bottom of the Playlist pane,
  3. Select the the history playlist you want to export,
  4. At the top of the playlist select the dropdown menu by the number of songs in the playlist,
  5. Finally select Add All to Playlist…
  6. Please note that this playlist will need to be added to the My Collection source, not to the Apple Music source.


Thanks for that - I’d been able to do that already - I want to be able to create an Apple Music playlist as was possible with Tidal so I can share it.

Best wishes


Apple Music is locked down by the OS. You will have to create playlists within the Apple Music App itself

Is this the feature you are looking for?
Export playlist to Music App …

It lets you export a DJ History Set to Apple Music, TIDAL, SoundCloud etc. I mainly use macOS so I’m not sure if it’s in iOS.

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Nice one @Michael_Wisniewski. Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately, this is not supported on iOS.

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