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I love using Beatport link but their playlist management on the site is pretty painful… one hack I’ve found is to use Djay Pro to create a playlist locally that I want to mix and then export it back to Beatport. However, you need to do a hacky workaround to do this…

You can’t directly export a playlist (not sure why…) BUT you can export a session, so what I end up doing is curating a playlist, then quickly skipping through all the songs so it shows up as a “session” and then exporting that back to Beatport.

It would be amazing if I could just export a playlist directly instead of all those extra steps, would love to see one-click exports of playlists in future and I’m imagining that since you already can do so with a session it’s not a huge feature to implement.

These Apps have been littered with many “Extra Steps” for years.
I vote with you.

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why do you export your playlist back to Beatport ?
you could do all playlist management right into Djay playlist?

So there are 2 reasons this would be helpful. The first is that Djay Pro playlists don’t sync between devices and I move between Mac & iOS as I prep sets - hopefully this will come in future now that Djay Pro is a universal app - but until then syncing back to Beatport is the only way to get a common playlist across all devices.

The second is that I don’t just use Djay Pro but also a Denon Prime Go too, and since the heat death of the universe is more likely to come before the different DJ software vendors provide some kind of universal standard on cross-platform compatibility, syncing the playlist back to Beatport to use on other platforms is the way to go.

To be honest Beatport, Algoriddm and Denon could all make this easier… but by and large Algoriddm moves the fastest in terms of implementing stuff (very low bar in DJ tech land) so I’m hopeful that since you can already export a session back to a playlist this could be something that could happen with minimal effort.

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i totally approve this idea!

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