Playlist Folders

is it possible to see the playlists in the right form like they are in itunes? I need the playlist-folders to sort my titels. I only see all playlist in one level.
Can anybody help??
LG Jan

Hi Praedel,

Thanks for contacting us.
Playlist folders are not supported on djay for iPad/iPhone.

Exactly. I love the new update but was disappointed it didn’t include playlist folders. I got excited when I aw that spotify had a playlist folder titled “top djs” and have multiple dj’s listed in the sub folder. I thought this would have transcended into djay2 program. Oh well, maybe next time

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Can not read Subfolders within Playlist Folders.

Algoriddim DJay on my iPad is unable to recognize subfolders within playlist folders. Meaning, in my playlists tab it will show the playlist folder name (for instance: ‘Dance Music’), but when I click on it, it will show all the music from all the subfolders in one big list rather than showing subfolders.

When I open these playlist folders and subfolders in itunes or in my music app on my ipad, it works fine. DJay is just unable to recognize and display subfolders. Can somebody please help me with this problem!

I’m having the same problem and I find that without the sub-folder option, organizing your music is very difficult. Please help out with this, or have it on the next update please.

I totally agree, I love the use of the app, however its limited without the playlist folders!

Will the next update include sub-folders and offline spotify? Those are super crucial!!!

Can I please ask why playlist folders are not supported in djay for iOS? Until they are, djay on iOS is unusable to me and, I suspect many others. It seems like such a trivial thing too. Are there any plans to implement it soon?

When will it be implemented?

Dj is truly brilliant except for one thing - no playlist sub folders as seen in iTunes. Come on guys you can do it.

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Submap Itunes in IDJAY.

Hi Guyz,
I’m using submaps in Itunes
DISCO -Famous

  • Up tempo

But in Idjay all my submaps are showin up in one list.

Am I doing something wrong? Or isn’t it supported yet?


please make it happen. its the only thing thats missing…

bummer! Had I known this, I would not have relied on this software or bought it. I have many sub-folders in iTunes. I’m looking at this thread and it was a year ago and still no update supporting sub-folders?! This is a big problem!

I was hoping that with the release and advances in iPadOS that it would be possible to have my iTunes imported music and playlists ordered in playlist folders on my iPad as they are on the Mac version of Djay.

Unfortunately it still seems that it’s putting them in one long list instead of nested under sub folders.

A complete nightmare and the main reason I’ve still not adopted the IOS version over the Mac version.

It does seem possible to have nicely nested and grouped playlist folders and sub playlists if creating them within “my library”.

But that would mean moving my entire music collection out of iTunes and into “my library” and then rebuilding hundreds of playlists which is a huge undertaking.

Any solutions or ways around this?

This really needs fixing

Unfortunately neither supporting folder structure, nor providing Spotify offline is technically possible, yet. We’ll keep an eye out though.

Reply to Adrian. Please note that Djay, the first version I downloaded few years ago use to support Playlist folders. It just vanished once the update had come. I had written to you at that time, I believe it was 2011 or 2012. If you check the earlier version Playlist folders were very well supported.

Looking forward for you to reintroduce this support to effectively manage the selection of music.

What about this workaround?…