Playlist for Video

In Vjay… how do I make a playlist for video? If is not please implement it on the coming update. whereby it must have a windows where we could view the playlist of video.

I can’t believe the don’t have automix with a queue identical to the DJay app. This makes the app more like just a video compiling app rather than a Video DJ app. This really needs to be included in new updates. It doesn’t even automatically switch to the other open video after one completes. Major disappointment!

What a shame long waited for the update but still no Playlists feature on the just updated Vjay v.1.0.1! Meaning I still can’t bring it to live performance!

Playlists and AutoMix feature for VJay - yup, yup! I already use those features with DJay on my iPad to support background tracks for live performance as a musician. Now with backing video to support performances?! THAT would be killer.

Yes is really disappointing not having automix in the VJAY. I bought the app believing that it had the feature. When !!!

That ́s great! Playlists and AutoMix feature for VJay NOW!

yes i am waiting for this too who wants to mix drinks at a party and at the same time auto mix / load songs…not fun guys when u r drunk!