Playlist in My Library disappears

I created video and music playlists in “My Library”. I constantly update these list. I went to view the list today and my playlist were no longer there. This has happened before. It needs to be fixed. Also, allow us to edit the playlist in iTunes including video lists.

Rob, this happen to me 3 times and when I report it. I haven’t got a real solid response back. I build a playlist with my MP3. Files and next day gone. It’s a pain.

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Hi Both,

Esau, if it was me who you spoke to about it, I apologise for not properly getting back to you. I know I’ve picked up a few of your tickets over the last while.

I’m currently in contact with the engineers about this, so any more information about your setup etc you can provide would be helpful.

So, this information would be helpful:

  • Device and iOS version
  • Available storage on device
  • Has djay ever been offloaded by iOS?
  • Does it still happen after reinstalling the app?
  • Ideally some Console logs as well for the app

You will need a computer to access the logs.

On Mac:

  1. Connect your iPad/iPhone with your Mac via USB
  2. Open “Console” on your Mac
  3. Select your iPad under “Devices”
  4. In the search bar in the top right corner, type “djay” and press enter
  5. Open djay on your iPad/iPhone
  6. Try to load a song from the streaming service
  7. Copy & paste the content of the Console app on your Mac to a TXT file and attach it.

On Windows:

  1. Install iTools on your Windows machine
  2. Launch iTools
  3. Connect your iOS device to the Windows machine through USB
  4. Click on Toolbox
  5. When you are ready to reproduce the issue in djay on your iPad/iPhone, click on Real-time log under Advanced Features. You can see the logging happening in real time
  6. Click on Save to save the log activities
  7. Copy & paste the content of the log on your PC to a TXT file and attach it.

I just saw this message. Last I heard you guys are aware of the problem and working on it. I’ve been with Dj pro since the begging and I don’t plan on no where. I just talk to some of our friends that use the other software’s and they don’t have these problems. So we’ll see if you guys hopefully you guys fix the issue and there won’t be any more complaints

It is being investigated, but the requested information would be useful to help us diagnose.

This information was already given to you guys.
App: 3.5.11
Device ipad8,3
iOS version 14.2
Any other information needed?

Storage 580.9 GB of 2 Tb used

I notice it only does it when I hook it up to my controller. It’s not happening when my controller is not hook up. I use a DDJSB3 to a usb type -C Digital AV multiport adapter. I don’t know if this can figure wrong but that is the only thing that would work with the new iPad and my DJ controller.

Thanks Esau. Did you provide logs? You can do that via the support ticket you have open.

I sent them. I’m sure you and your staff is well aware of me and all the emails I’ve sent in.

Well, I don’t really understand how you connect your devices:

  1. DDJSB3 connecting to the USB-A
  2. HDD connecting to the USB-C…

I’m just curious as based on About the Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter - Apple Support
the USB-C is “charge” port and no data won’t go through :

"Use the USB-C port of this adapter for charging your Mac notebook or iPad Pro, not for data transfer or video. "

This is how I understand the Apple documentation:

This is correct, plug your charging cable into the left socket, and the usb cable from your controller into the right socket. It will transfer data. I use an iPad with a Rane one and previously a DDJ400