Playlist Limitation in Apple Music with new 5.1 update.

Seems like the Djay Pro 5.1 update with Apple Music has a playlist limitation of 100 playlists. Any playlists over 100 won’t load. It seems like it read all my music when i click on library, but it won’t load any playlist over 100. I don’t want to change my playlist layout or put playlists in folders to change what I have now. If anyone that has more than 100 playlists in their Apple Music, please let me know if you’re having the same issue, thanks.

Yes I have the problem too. Was wondering why my playlists stopped at the letter G. Please allow more playlists. Thanks.

I even got the the problem that each playlist shows only the first hundred tracks and I can’t sort them after „date added“.

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Thanks for your reports. This will be fixed in the next update. :+1:

Yep having the same issue. It also tries to load in all my favorites songs and crashes at about 2700ish songs. I have closer to 7.5k songs imported recently from a decade old Spotify account. I also imported these to Tidal, and I am not having this issue there

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