Playlist order inside folders for DJay Pro does not match with the order in Apple Music

Everything is in the tile, see picture attached:
Any plan to fix this?

I checked in BeaTunes. The order is indeed diffferent from, but much more consistent, see screenshot attached.

Hi, congrats for 2.1 release which fixed some other issues I had! Lukas, can you give us an update on the plan to fix the issue of iTunes playlist ordering?
If the default order displayed is wrong, can you at least provide the ability to change it?

I also find that they’re different between Mac OS and iOS
( last time I checked)

Hi Markouchio,

Thank you for getting in touch.

We are aware of this issue. Could you check if the playlists aren’t displayed correctly in other softwares like Garage Band as well?

I pushed the issue internally and we are working on a work around.