Playlist ordering in iTunes is not reflected in Dj Pro

Hi support,

I have created several playlist in iTunes: some of them are ordered by Year, others by Name, etc.
In the previous version of Dj this was reflect exatcly as it was in iTunes, while in Dj Pro this is completely missing.
Dj Pro shows based on un-clarified order, even if I manually change it for one playlist then it is applied for every playlist. This is so bad!!!

Please fix this back to the previous feature.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Does this happen with all your playlists? Please take screenshots of the playlists in iTunes and djay and send them to support(at)

DJay Pro For Mac sorts the library by “Date Added” (Old - New) by default.
There is no setting to change this.
This only affects the Mac Version.
IOS reflects iTunes sorting exactly.

I wondered that a long time ago
No one is perfect.
If you think about 20 years ago we had nothing like DJay so I’m happy we have this.

Hi Warren

thanks for your support. I have sent the images right now.

As example I attach two images also here.
Keep in mind that most of my playlists are ordered by Year field, while in Djay the get ordered randomly.



after 3 years this bug is still there!!!
Good resolution timing…

Well, this is even worst, because if on iOs works fine I don’t understand why on Mac they used a different ordering…

Thanks Lukas for your answer, but this is not a solution.
In old version of Djay the order in iTunes was reflected, now in Djay Pro this is not happening anymore.
As I said in my very first description, there is no order at all. Djay Pro is simply creating a confused list. Every time I’m forced to click 3 times on the column desired for sorting the list correctly. You can imagine how frustrating is this.

Now i also have this issue. After days of manual re-organisation of my (many!) playlists according to my own workflow i was so happy that i have proper playlists now.

But there is still no way to have the same order of the songs into djay? Really???

Sorry, but the sense of a play"list" is (for me…) IS the LIST. And a list without an order is just crap. With this behavior djay becomes quite useless if one wants playlist management in a professional way.

The thing is, the “basic” playlist order is the order in which you added the tracks to the playlist.
If you sort a playlist in iTunes, this sorting is not transferred to djay as it is nothing permanent.