Playlist - sorting by Artist

On Djay2 Is there any way to sort the playlist by Artists? it seems that the only options available are by songs, albums or genre.

Is the playlist settings of the Pro version the same that’s on Djay2? I have a huge collection of music, i Dj in several different styles parties, i really needed a better playlist settings to browse thru the songs because its not intuitive right now.

thanks in advance

Do you mean just sorting individual playlist songs by artist? If so, when you open the playlist to choose songs for the open deck, simply look to the far right of the screen, there is “sort”, press it and choose “Artist”.

I hope that’s what you were looking for…

Gotcha! Hm, that’s a pretty good suggestion for a future software update…

thanks for your answer but i only want it to show artists like the way it shows outside of the playlist (you choose artist then tap and choose the album) if i choose sort by artist inside the playlist it will also show the tracks, i have hundreds of songs, it will take forever to browse that way, not to mention that i have some artists with +50 songs and others with only 1 song that will get unnoticed in the middle of everything.