Playlist stops after one song

I have two playlists.
They should play separate, not together.
1 Playlist for party and 1 for dinner.
Without Automix, it plays just the first song.
With Automix, it changes between the to lists.
I activate the fading (7 seconds).
Thank you!!!

Hi Alexander,

Thanks for contacting us.

"Without Automix, it plays just the first song. "
Yes, djay will only play songs automatically in Automix mode, hence the name AUTOmix.

Also, please note that you can only select ONE playlist at a time as source. Or did you add the songs from the playlist to the Queue? In this case, please check whether “Shuffle” is enabled.

In your case, I recommend choosing the “dinner playlist” as “Playlist” in Automix with an empty Queue, then as soon as the party starts, you can change the Automix playlist to the “party playlist”.