Playlist sync between iOS and Mac.

I have the iPad, iPhone and Mac version, all up to date.

Cue points sync across all three devices, but my “self-created” playlists don’t sync, nor does the history of recently played tracks.

Am I doing something wrong?


No, cue points and history are not synced accross devices…
that have been raised into other topics and i think/hope Algoriddim is working about it…perhaps laters iOS 13 and/or iPadOS will be THE solution…


of course we need full sync, that means everything you customize for one song on one device should be synced across : bpm customization, beat grid customization, etc …

There’s huge issues with this at this point.
What good is a ‘personal library’ when it doesn’t get synced across devices?

I constantly work on 3 devices to prep and tag my sets:
My home computer (to play on full blast in my home studio), my iPhone when in cafes and traveling and my laptop during live gigs.

The biggest challenge are the cue points though.

It’s a structural technical problem. The songs on my home computer are all 320bps or aiffs. Original or best quality. Setting cue points there, even though they sync across the other devices will be off by milliseconds bc after syncing my library via iCloud will turn them into 256bps mp3s on the other devices. And the cue points are worthless at that stage.

I wish DJAY pro had another way of referencing those.


I have a big issue with that suggestion as a lot of tracks and mixes aren’t available on either platform a lot of the times.
Also I have now statistically experiencing a more error and crash prone behavior when using Spotify compared to local tracks.

And then again, it still doesn’t solve the different mp3 resolutioj offset for the cue points.

I ve asked Algoriddim to implement a cross device library sharing sometime ago and they get back saying to use spotify or itunes, but my problem is that I ve tracks on both platform.
Usually I m doing some prep on iphone and then live gigs with an ipad pro, cue points and other metadata are shared but not playlist library!