Playlist sync from pc (itunes) to Android

Hi, I am using djay on my ipad and iphone for years now and recently switched to an android phone.

I am struggeling to sync my itunes playlists to the djay app, so far I used doubletwist to sync my music from iTunes to my android phone, the songs are visible in djay but not my playlists (the playlists are only visible in the doubletwist music app but not in djay or the default music app)

Is there an app available that will sync not only my music but also the playlists from itunes to djay on android or is there an app other than iTunes that I can use to manage my music files on pc and that will sync everything to my phone? (I don’t want to use a cloud service)

Hi Fredo,

Thank you for your post.

djay for Android integrated the Google Play Music application and therefore, can only display playlists which are displayed in the Google Play Music app.

I am very sorry for that.

Hi Lukas,

Thank you for your quick answer.

That’s a bummer since I don’t have an unlimited data plan and I have to provide my credit card details even for the free version of Google Play.