Playlists always jumping back to top

When I’m in a playlist that i created in Djay Pro 2 and i sort the tracks via BPM, the List always jumps back to the top when I load a track. Meaning that i always have to scroll back to the track i am playing in order to find tracks in that BPM range. This only happens with lists i created in djay pro 2, not with itunes or Spotify lists.

Same problem for me, this is really annoying and making lists created in Djay Pro 2 completely unusable!
When do you plan to issue a fix?

Hi Lukas, any update on when the fix will be available?

Hi there,

thank you for pointing this out.

We are working on a fix and will provide an update soon.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Hi there,

we wanted to thank all users who pointed this out.

A fix is on its way, stay tuned.

The fix will be available with the coming update.

Thank you for your patience.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hello Lukas E. The problem we reported in various posts and I also sent you a video on the wrong behavior.
At the present time the Playlists that you can create from Djay Pro 2 (not Itunes library) is really unusable professionally.
If you are working on fixes, please also mention:
The tags of the “Year” field are not displayed.
When you delete Playlists or some songs or update the song tags, and then re-enter them in the Djay Pro 2 Playlist or they are not displayed correctly or even take the previous tags or are not present.
And the analysis of the songs is also faulty.
If someone shares the same problems can add comments, thanks.

the “Year” tag In Italian “anno” does not appear even after the 2.05 update.
I opened a new topic

Problem solved with the 2.05 update, the library is more fluid and also the display of titles is immediate. Big work.
I have reported in another post that still does not display the “Year” tag in the Djay Pro 2 library while it correctly displays in Itunes library and in the browser.…