Playlists and M3U playlist import

I am trying to move my library over from Traktor, and I don’t seem to have any way to use the playlists that I have created in djay Pro. Also, it appears that not all ID3 tags are supported. Please help!

I would like to be able to import .m3u files directly into djay pro (windows).

Currently my only options for accessing my local music is to either:

  1. Use Itunes XML
  2. Import individual raw music folders using the “explorer -> add folder” function
  3. Add root music folder from “media library settings” - which will let you browse by Artist / Album & Genre. (remarkably this works even with no itunes xml functions)
  4. Is there a fourth way? I haven’t found one.

Itunes is unusable with my current library size (120K tracks and over 2K playlists from >10 years gigging).
My current workflow involves using Mediamonkey for organization and exported .m3u files for playlists that I can easily drag over to Serato and are immediately available for use.
My tests indicate it is not even possible to directly drag single mp3 files from windows explorer to a deck - or multiple files from explorer (or another app) to a “crate” type of container within the djay pro application.

FYI - I just discovered the djay pro product and have started my trial today. I am quite impressed with the software compared to a decade of using Traktor and Serato. The UI is done well. The FX functions are nice (especially the x/y “Pad” functionality). I haven’t tried it yet with my Pioneer DDJ-SX but I will assume that works fine. The main draw of djay pro for me is the Spotify integration (even though offline mode is sadly not possible yet).

HOWEVER if there is no easy way for me to access my curated local m3u playlists WITHOUT using ITunes then I’ll likely have to delay my purchase until there is better local library options.

Hi there,

thank you very much for your post.
You can import the .m3u playlists you made in Traktor with iTunes. After doing so, the playlist will be displayed in djay Pro and was transferred to your iTunes Media.
I hope this helps to explain things.


Lukas E.

any news on this topic?
I myself been trying to find various solutions for various situations for djay pro(windows)…
I’m using mediamonkey as well, although, as it seems, there is a mediamonkey-itunes communication plugin, I can’t figure out how to make it work, I guess maybe because the last update of the plugin was 5 years ago… ?
Importing m3u playlists in djay pro should definitely be an option, since there is also no way to create other playlists in the app anyway