Playlists for djay on android don't work

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with using the djay app (paid version) on my android tablet. I can see and play all the music that I’ve uploaded into the tablet from my computer. But I’m unable to create playlists that include this music. If I create a playlist using the builtin google-play-music app, many of the songs cannot be played from the djay app when accessed through the playlist. I tried creating playlists using other apps (My Playlist Maker, My Playlist Creator), but those playlists don’t show up in the djay app at all.

I’ve also been playing with the Cross DJ app on android, which works perfectly for this; I can create a playlist by browsing music stored in the Music folder right from within that app, and use that playlist to play my music. So overall I’m much happier with the Cross DJ app. However, that app does not support my reloop beatpad controller, while the djay app does. If I could create or at least see and use playlists containing music downloaded into folders in my tablet, then I would be happy using djay 2 and wouldn’t need to use Cross DJ at all. Can someone help me please?


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Has this been fixed??? Have all of you dumped the app?

does it work perfectly on your android phone? How did you make those playlists on there? (i have the same problem)

José, can you please explain how you made it work? /Rikard

Hi guys,

sorry for the inconvenience.
Could you tell us what audio format the unplayable files are having?

Thank you in advance. 

Lukas E.

Hey Stephen Head,

we are sorry to hear that, can you contact us via for further help.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi Guido,

We are very sorry to hear that. 

If creating playlists in the Google Play Music app is not working please contact us right away via

Thank you in advance. 

Cheers,Lukas E.

I’ve the same problem

The only way is to export Playlists from iTunes in m3u format and copy on the smartphone in the same directory of mp3 music.

Another problem is that is not permitted songs sorting by BPM.

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Try the new Android App “Playlist Creator”

Since I have same problem, are you working on it? Thanks

Playlist Creator and the new version does not work, I have the same issue!

I have the same issue. I bought a Huawei M2 tablet to use for mixing music. I have a pioneer wego3. As I try to use a playlist (m3u, together with all music in mp3 files) djay 2 give me a Failure message (Playlist empty) all other player can play those lists.

It’s a bug and as I see you couldn’t solve it for 2 years… :frowning:

I have the same experience with cross dj. It works fine for this. But I want to use djay 2. Because I bought it. In the description it was clear: It has an automix option and I can play my playlists.

On my iphone it works perfect… With the same list…

Same Problem! Why is it such a big problem to make djay app possible to create playlists? Or Playlists importable?

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Same problem, i have most of my music (legally obtained) on the external microSD inserted into my Acer iconia, but Djay2 sees only Spotify or “My Music” (Google play) And if I try to ceate playlist with google Play most of songs in djay appear grayed and I connot play them.
Why I cannot songs and create playlist directly from my external SD card or other folders as I do with Poweramp and other players?

Djay2 ran a playlist I created on Google Play Music, after that the app listed the songs from the playlists I had generated externally, with relative path.

Kein Weg zum Playlisten erstellen. Hab aber dafür bezahlt. Abzocke! Verarschung! Beschiss! So nennen wir das hier. Auf dem IPad jedoch alles wunderbar. Ich denke das ist halt Absichtlich

Tenho o mesmo problema

I used to have the DJAY on my Iphone and it was working perfectly fine since many many years.
I have recently started with DJAY 2 (paid version) on my ANDROID 9 and i’m very very very disappointed. 
It seems that a lot of functions are not there or if they are, they are not working. 
It seems that ALGORITHM is not solving the issues since many year on the android version. 
How long do we need to wait to get the same level as the IOS version  ?