Playlists ideas

  • Would be nice to be able to select a playlist for Automix as per Automix playlist not showing playlists
    –The only way to get it to change to another playlist is stop + start or play a track from the new playlist which isn’t ideal if you want to just change it on the fly.

  • When you right-click a playlist, I was suprised to see the only option is ‘Delete’ - there’s many features which could be added here such as:
    – ‘Automix’ (Changes the automix playlist to this playlist),
    – ‘Shuffle’ - Could shuffle the order of the playlist’
    – ‘Export’ - Export the playlist to CSV or text file etc.

  • Double-clicking a playlist should be a configurable option - options could be:
    – Make the playlist active + play or shuffle play
    – Start automix of playlist
    – Edit playlist

  • Automix transition option is either ‘Automatic’ or selecting only ONE of the transitions - it would be great to be able to toggle each one on/off. I did raise support case #157110 but have not heard anything back!

  • Option to randomize playlist order (Like a shuffle button).

– A playlist can be ‘ordered’ but there’s no column for the order

Hi @eddr,

Thanks for posting to the community!

I think you bring up some valid points that our dev team would definitely be interested in hearing about.

I will pass these feature requests along to them for further review.

Thanks so much again!

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Hi, just the fact that the manual playlist clears out as soon I change the source is very frustrating.

Would be nice as well to be able to double click the docked song to go to it directly in the library.