Playlists refresh option?

I just created my imported spotify playlists in Tidal in alphabetical order to make it easier for me to work in Dj Pro, but it turns out that the playlists are shown in the order they are imported. Is it possible to create a playlists refresh option ?

Well, if you don’t remove your song metadata from the computer then re-creating a playlist should be faster than in 1st round. As long as you don’t change the actual songs in Tidal playlist to be different. 

Aloriddim are forced to use  features what Tidal provides for them, not much can’t be done if current API (i.e functions to read Tidal data) has less features than Spotify API.

I moved my playlist with and I really liked the way they are handling “my musical library” :

So it’s a kind of collection of music from all sources. 
This kind of library management might be needed when you have subscription to good amount of services.

So yes, it can be done, but so far  no dj app haven’t done it right.

I have a similar problem. I imported the playlists from Spotify in the order they appear, but now they are in the opposite order in Tidal. Tidal has two options for sorting, date or alphabetical, click the 3 dots to the left of My Playlists. This may help you if the change is then reflected in djay? In my case it does not… … so I guess that I need delete all lists and do it “backwards” again!  

Agree! There’s more to be said about the transfer to Tidal… In Tidal you can change to sort the date order to “last transfer first” after the transfer, but in my case any new playlist would then end up at the bottom of the list. That, by the way, scrolls in sections, not smoothly. Alphabetical order is a last resort if you name new lists starting with numbers, 1,2, 3… …and rename the old ones. But the new sort order is not carried over to djay, only the name changes! It also looks like you loose any description of your playlist, it’s replaced by a text stating that the list is transfered with Tunemymusic. I will log in to their home page and se if there is a solution…

Thanks for the reaction
Looks like a time consuming  workaround, you,  (or we) have to do  now. Wich is extra time consuming because I already analysed the tracks on bpm and key. But for the time being maybe that’s the only way, I am also hoping on a reaction from the developers., because there is already a refresh option within individual playlists, so why not for the playlists as a whole., wich is  not that strange to ask, because they already knew, they would get to this problem anyhow, when they stopped supporting spotify. So a smooth migration would be in my view, the main thing to work on. thanks

Thanks for the reaction. I think your right.  Maybe there’s another workaround, but i don;t know if that is possible. If Dj is so dependant on the API of Tidal, don’t you think it’s possible to use there own  possibilities of sorting data? I mean, there are several ways to sort tracks within a playlist. Maybe they could add a sorting option, for instance alphabetical order in the playlists-column. Or is this still an API problem with Tidal ?