Please add MIDI Actions for "BeatJump" and "Set Auto Loop Length"

Please make it possible to map the following already existing dJay Pro features via MIDI commands:

  • Beat jump forward (+1 beat)
  • Beat jump backward (-1 beat)
  • Double the AutoLoop length
  • Half the AutoLoop length

More details:
Beat jump: When a track is playing and the controller sends the MIDI signal for “Beat jump forward” then the playhead shall skip one beat, ie. jump on beat forward. When two tracks are playing and sync is on, then this way the two tracks can be adjusted and beat 1 (the downbeat in the bar) can be matched between the two tracks.

AutoLoop: It is arelady possible to activate an auto loop via MIDI. But the preset lenght of the auto loop can only be set via the UI. This should also be possible to be adjusted via MIDI / hardware controller buttons.