Please Add: Recording to External Drive option

Greetings I am a weekly dj and primarily use Traktor. I am extremely happy now trying Djay Pro AI esp for the Video options for new nights we are planning.

After mapping my controller and testing out many things I came across one thing that I found really odd in all the great tech that it contained that has been standard in Traktor for all the time I have used it as my main dj’ing software.

This has to do where to save my recordings. I was quite shocked that the only option is to save to the hard drive. As a dj using a laptop it is always recommended to use and external drive or device to save mixes as not to overburden the laptop.

I am especially worried if I do a video recording to later make an mp3 for my mix as well, not having that option for 6 hours and esp in the .mov format only.

Still an amazing product.

Hi @Dj_Om-Amari,

Thanks so much for the suggestion!

We’ve gone ahead and passed this along to our engineering team for further consideration as a feature request. This is a very interesting function to incorporate into djay especially when it comes to overburdening the host as you said - unfortunately, resources can be limited at times!

Great suggestion, have a nice day!