Please add support for Numark Mixstream Pro Go for IOS/Mac

Please add support for Numark Mixstream Pro Go for IOS/Mac

I offer to send you my unit to Algoriddim headquarters as a loaner if that would help

Anyone that would benefit from this please please use the blue Vote button at the top left of this page

Thank you

Thanks for the suggestion and offer to loan your hardware! I’ve passed this onto the dev team for consideration. Thanks!

Hi @Wirelessdj, there are a variety of models for the Mixstream devices. To be sure your specific model can be considered could you please perform the following steps?

  1. With your controller connected to your iOS device, please navigate to the djay Settings>MIDI Devices>MIDI DEVICES>Numark Mixstream Pro Go
  2. In the next screen under MIDI CONFIGURATION please select your controller then Edit to create a custom edit of the built-in mapping.
  3. Next, simply map a single control like a hot cue to one of the performance pads then save the new MIDI mapping with a unique name. There’s no need to map everything; one control is enough.
  4. Now open the Files App on your iOS device, and navigate to On My iPad/iPhone>djay and look for the MIDI mapping that you just created.
  5. Please share this MIDI mapping here so the engineering team can have a look at it. Thanks!