Please add tags (Clean and Explicit) for Spotify while searching for songs!

I think a great idea would be to show tags of songs when using Spotify to tell you whether a song is “clean” or “explicit” with Djay Pro. It would be just like your library in iTunes! I believe this is important so that it’s easy to recognize what you should play and shouldn’t. I understand you can listen to the song before it goes into one of the decks, but it would be great to have visual feedback telling you this instead of listening to the song. It will makes things much easier to search as you can filter out these “explicit” songs if you want to. The Spotify App itself does this, so why not with Djay Pro?

Very good idea

Agreed 100% as well! Great idea!

I have to use a PC alongside my setup before honoring requests. This would be great.

Agree 100% - would be good to have a tag of clean and explicit for both the I-Tunes DJ Library and also from Spotify. Currently I need to have itunes or spotify open to check if something is clean (or tag it ahead of time).

Thanks a lot for the feedback, guys!

Thank You!!!

I need the Explicit label to be added right away. I’ve been embarrassed way too many times. I rely on Spotify to play songs. This feature is crucial as I can’t be sure if a request is Explicit. Please push an update as I’m sure this is affecting way more people than you think but are not bothering to report it.

Since Spotify can filter explicit tracks can djay pro do so too?? would really help avoid issues when spinning for clean crowd.

3 years and this still has not been resolved. That’s mildly concerning considering I am considering a switch to Djay Pro 2.