Please add the additionally library category "last played"

During a live event, I often like to see when I have played a track the last time. An indication of a date should do the trick.

I can only see, if I have already played the track. Which condition is reseted after restarting DJay Pro (which makes sense).

Thank you very much!

Hey Zauri.

I’m thankfully for your interesst. But I’m sorry. That isn’t really what I was looking for.

As I said: As a DJ I like to know that information ***during*** an event. So I can immediately see, if I’ve played a track yesterday or last weekend. To make that possible, the user needs the “last played” column available for every library like the “Spotify” library or the “iTunes” library and so on.

As you mentioned in your screenshot, the column “last played” is ONLY available for the ***History*** tab. Which means: It is really useful. But only after the event. Not during.