Please add the Original Auto-Cut Scratching for Djay Pro AI

In the original version, It works differently now.
The original way was more sophisticated, at least in what you could coax out of it. Nobody knew yet what could be done with it; with varying the cut frequency, initiating and disengaging, and of course “moving the vinyl”
I was just starting to uncover the potential and they changed the behavior.
There’s functionality there that would impress even the most ardent scratchers, and with this tech to get acapellas for material, well its exciting.
I just need a vetsion with original autoscratch to show everyone what can be done.

How was the cut frequency varied on the app?

By chaging the speed of the other song

Also, back then, when you lifted the “move the record finger” it played the record forward.

Description of how it worked:
Both hands would be touching 1 turntable
-Forefinger right hand would touch platter. This is your fader hand
-Forefinger left hand touches platter. This is your vinyl hand.You could lift and reapply this finget, and with reapply, autocut would rengage. Thereby engaging “autocut” with 1Finger, not 2

So, you could periodically raise the right hand finger, in a pattern and create patterns in output.

It was very interesting, but then came an update and poof it was gone and autocut would only engage with two finger touch, and lost all that great potential.
It’s fascinating that no other company caught on and made something similar

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+1. Sounds like a very cool idea. I’d like to play around with this as well.

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Could you also bring back that function with the reloop controllers? You used to have a auto-cut scratching fx when pressing shift and moving the jog wheel. Pioneer’s DDJFLX 6 now has it and it touting it loud. You were years ahead. Please bring it back.

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