Please allow auto headphone cue based on the upfader position instead of only the crossfader

I mix with the upfaders (like many, many, many, many, many fellow djs) and never touch the crossfader. Actually, I either leave it off or tape it in the middle position if I can’t disengage it. That said, both spotify match and the auto headphone cue are only triggered by the crossfader position and not the upfader position. Please change this, it’s an artificial problem.

Interesting idea, we’ll look into this.

Agreed - this would be a good improvement. The decks dim correctly with the upfaders - why not tie the cue into that as well? I’d rather not have to change the way I utilize my equipment (crossfader instead of upfaders) just because the software doesn’t work how I want it to.

lol, 9 months later . . .