"Please allow djay to access your media library."

I’m probably being supremely stupid here, but when I try to access ‘Local music’ on Djay Pro, I’m given a message

"Please allow djay to access your media library

Open settings"

However, when I open my settings there’s no obvious place to do this. Djay has no relevant options under the app settings (just 'local network, ‘siri and search’, ‘notifications’, and ‘background app refresh’), and I can’t see anything obvious under ‘music’ settings.

Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Can you please try one or both of the following:

  • Update your iOS version to the latest
  • Reinstall djay app

Please let us know if either of this helps.

Thanks for getting back to me.

Reinstalling hasn’t helped. Asked me to set up Apple music again, which I did, but I get the same message when going on to ‘local music’.

Currently using iPadOS 17.3, so assume that’s not the problem :slight_smile:

That’s strange, you should see the option between “Local Network” and “Siri and Search”. Can you please try this:

  1. Uninstall djay
  2. Reboot iPad
  3. Reinstall djay

Let me know if that helps, or if not please send a screenshot of the settings you are seeing.

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Well, I’ve got a bit further at least - it gave a popup which prompted me to allow Djay to access the music, so that’s good.

Should it show tracks in offline playlists? I’ve opened it up and it says there are ‘0 songs’ even though there’s definitely tracks in the playlist …

Silly question, but are the tracks fully downloaded in the Music app? It will only show songs that have been.

Also, under Settings>Music is the Sync Library switch toggled On?

Mine wasn’t and stopped Djay seeing anything in the Music app…

Anyway, just my random ideas, although you’ve probably checked all that.


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Yeah, sync on - and if I turn off WiFi the tunes play just fine on music … I just can’t play them on Djay.

I mean, if I can’t use downloaded playlists from apple music that’s fine, bit it probably doesn’t make sense to keep a subscription - I’ll just buy the small number of tracks that I’m interest in that are on that but not on tidal (basically a handful of old Underground Resistance tunes and some newer releases on Super Rhythm Trax)

If I can use downloaded playlists then it’s handy enough that I don’t mind paying for apple music and tidal (tidal has a generally better library for stuff in interested in)

Glad to hear you got it working @Algy_Taylor!

You can access music that you own (i.e. that isn’t coming from the Apple Music catalog) via the “Local Music” source. Songs from the “Apple Music” source are always streamed.

Hope that helps!

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