Please change the voting system in the Forums

I have a question. Can I vote up a suggestion of other users only three times? So I have to remove a vote for a topic if I think I like another one more. Must I search my votes if a topic has been solved to get back my vote?
If I’m right I think this isn’t good for the community, because some ppl might think they have to decide wich suggestion is worth more than others🥺

Yes Algoriddim, please change the voting system. Having only 3 votes is very limiting and pretty much defeats the purpose of a voting system. I understand that you want people to consider the importance of their votes. Perhaps we can have 3 votes per week or something like that?


+1 please change the voting system

Please see this post about how voting works in our community and how the votes are increasing over time :slight_smile:

Only two two votes for a myriad of posts? Are you sure?

Change it! I cannot vote on this because I reached my limit :rofl::rofl:

Hey Algoridim. Please allow more votes. Every user should have at least 10 votes by default (right from the start after registration).

This will result in a far better distribution of number of votes over all feature suggestions.

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How to find a list of voted topics? Is there an easier way to locate them and unvote?

Tap on your picture…tap on your name —>

Thank you very much! :pray:t2:

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