How Voting Works in the Community Forums

In certain categories, like Suggestions and DJ Hardware, you are able to vote on topics. We are interested in what topics are important to you! Let us know by voting on the topics you care about most.

Keep in mind that you only have a limited number of votes to use, so use them wisely! The number of votes you have available is based on your current Trust Level in the Community Forums. It works like this:

Trust Level 0 - New | 4 votes

Trust Level 1 - Basic | 8 votes

Trust Level 2 - Member | 12 votes

Trust Level 3 - Regular | 16 votes

Trust Level 4 - Leader | 20 votes

Our team tracks the most voted-for topics in the community and uses this feedback to improve djay. So get out there and make your voice heard!

Disclaimer: While we take all feedback seriously and welcome all community suggestions, please keep in mind that a myriad of factors go into making decisions for developing the apps. For this reason, topics with high votes may or may not be implemented in the future. That said, your votes truly help us understand what you want to see in the future… so please get involved, and thank you for your participation!

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