Please don't steal my pitch faders

Using iOS DJay 4.0.1 last night at an event, I plugged in my Numark DJ Touch 2 and launched DJay with Pro skin, and couldn’t find my pitch faders and mixer section. I like having those on screen when using that small controller (especially since I don’t have physical EQs), I can also see it as an issue with the MixTour as it has no physical pitch faders. Can we please have it ask if we wish to use the DVS skin when launching attached to a controller? Either that or make the streamlined skin one available to pick from.

PS 5 minutes into the event, the app just closed out of nowhere. I have never had the DJay app crash ever, and this goes back to the original version. I would prefer stability over DVS function which I do not use.

2021 12" 2TB iPad Pro

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Happened to me last weekend in front of a crowd, crashed 3 times also. No pitch faders, and my hardware faders couldn’t move the bpms, so messed up mixing. I need the app layout that’s on my Ipad to stay the same when connected to my Mixon 4. We should be given the choice when the Ipad is connected to controller.

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There is a switch to turn off the controller/hardware layout. Click on the djay menu button at the top center of the screen. If you look carefully you’ll see a green slider in this menu to turn off the hardware layout. This will give you back your pitch faders and EQs while still keeping your controller connected.

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