Please enable a gap in Automix! We need it for swing, ballroom, similar events.

Could you please enable a gap in Automix? The user could specify it by inputting a negative number in the “Start Transition…” setting in the Automix preferences.

For some events, it’s necessary to have a gap between songs. Ballroom dances, swing dances, some weddings, events like that. To let the song come to its end (for a final dramatic flourish on the dance floor). And to allow a second or two for people to politely start finding a new partner. And because there’s almost always a strong change in the tempo between songs intentionally — this works best with a brief gap, not a cross-fade. Dancers at these events really hate cross-fades.

And these are exactly the kinds of events where I get dragged away from DJ’ing. So Automix is a life-saver.


Note: An old version of PCDJ had a great combination of features for this, although the interface was terrible. (See picture.) You could specify a low audio level, and PCDJ would cut off the quiet beginnings and ends of songs below that level. Plus you could specify a gap between songs, by using negative numbers. With those two features, you will always get the same gap without worrying about long almost-silent tails on some songs. (This would also work as the gap-killer that some users have requested.)

Hey Ken,
So I sometimes have had the same issue.
Create a “Silent Track” of desired length (i.e. 10sec)
slip that track in between each of your tracks in your Queue List.

If they allowed a negative number in start transition. That would be an easy way to implement without changes to the GUI.

Hi Ken,

thank you for your suggestion.

It would be great if other users upvote the topic in order to push the idea.

Lukas E. 

Hey, LaidbackFred,
Thanks for the workaround suggestion. I do that for a few ‘emergency’ songs, using a 2-second silent track. However, it’s a pretty tedious, kludgy workaround in practice, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. Plus it cuts in half the number of true songs you can see in the list. Plus it kills one of the turntables.

This is really the kind of thing that is best and most elegantly solved with a small software tweak. I really hope the djay team can implement it soon!