Please enable deeply integrated Microsoft Groove and Microsoft Onedrive support for DJ Pro!

Please offer deeply integrated support for Microsoft Groove, just as you do for Spotify.

It seems that I have the options for Spotify and for iTunes, but not Microsoft Groove. Why make a program specifically for Microsoft Windows 10, then force me to use non-Microsoft products, by separately subscribing to iTunes or Spotify, when I already have a Microsoft Groove and Microsoft OneDrive subscription?

A great solution would be a direct log in to my Microsoft Groove account though DJ Pro, similar to how I would log into the Spotify account.

Keep in mind Djay Pro was specifically for Mac then ported (“from the ground up”) over to Windows so this was not made specifically for Windows in any way. As far as Spotify being the primary streaming partner this is probably due to the fact that the vast majority of people utilizing streaming services choose Spotify dwarfing Apple music & Groove (along with others) combined.

Typically features get added after support from others showing it is indeed sought after. This is the first time I am seeing anyone ask for Groove here so not sure how in demand this may be if I am being honest. You never know though.…

Good thing they didn’t waste time on this request huh? LOL