Please fix bear sync speed up glitch when load cueing new song

Every time I’m in bear syc and load a track while one is playing on my mk2’s with Rane seventy two mixer very irritating

I’ve seen the speed up issue happen when the ‘master’ track is ending. I guess it has to do with a grid interpretation bug at the end of that track.

The new track starts speeding up in that case, but I can’t reproduce it consistently. Can you? A movie would certainly help the devs.

BTW: this also happens without controllers AFAIK.

Hey @Alan_Bezzie ,

Thanks for writing here in the Community and sorry to hear about this.

So we can take a closer look, could you please tell us the following:

  1. What device are you currently using?
  2. Which OS version is running on your device?
  3. Which djay version are you using?
  4. Like @Mister_Tuur suggested, can you confirm whether it is possible to reproduce the issue (if so, in following what exact steps)?

Thanks in advance for the additional information!

Rane seventy two device on djay pro AI I pad generation 8th version 15.7 up to date

If I’m in beat sync happens every single time very annoying I’ve tried everything it most certainly happens when the track stops

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