Please fix the cueing issues and usability

With the last update (Version 2.8.1. running on my iPad2-32 with iOS 9.2, using it with We-Go3) you changed the design and usability of the song listing.

Please go back to the behaviour that was before:

  1. I want to choose the headphone symbol once to put all song lists in “cueing mode”, which means when I tap any song, it will be cued in my headphones, NOT selected for a deck!
    (Yes, I can tap on the 3 dots now, but I have to tap on that song again to close the cueing and then choose another song => not necessary!)
  2. Please have at least the same behaviour again in the Queue (currently you have to press a song long to be able to choose “Cue”).
  3. And please apply (again/back) the pre-adjusted gain of the song plus the live-EQ from the deck to the cued song.

Thanks! I like the app and use it a lot!

I have the same problem. Before I would be able to jump from one track to another to preview without having to tap on a track before to get out of a preview. I don’t recall using the 3dots before, I would just leave my finger pressed on the track I wanted to preview. It was quicker and more practical. I’d also like to mention that the track preview slider is also less responsive than it used to be. Please fix this issue because it is killing the previewing flow.
Thank you