Please have Persistent "Play" Mode on Decks

Hi music & mix-lovers,

How do you think about this? Please vote for it in the upper left-corner-vote box.

I would like the “Play” mode to remain active on a deck even when the track has ended.
(Currently, the play button becomes deactivated when the song ends).

Advantage: This new behavior allows all users to easily and rapidly return to a specific part in the outgoing song (e.g., the intro, break, or other sound) simply by pressing one of the cue- or loop pads. This way, it can be played during the outgoing mix-transition without having to press play again.

So the behavior I ask for gives you as user more possibilities for making smoother and more creative transitions. Many users, including myself, have experienced the benefits of this feature in Traktor for years. Implementing it in Djay would significantly improve the workflow and creative potential for all DJs using the software.

If it would create problems for other users, it could be implemented as an option in the settings so that everyone can decide for themselves.

Imagine how much more seamless and innovative your mixes could be with this feature! Your support could help make this a reality for all of us. :pray:

Thank you for considering this suggestion and for your vote! :white_check_mark:

Best regards from the Netherlands

Thanks for the suggestion @DJ_Big_Blender. Good idea. I’ve passed it onto the dev team.

Good idea. Also it will keep videos loops going too

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