Please help.........How do I cue a recording amongst an automix?

It seems it isn’t possible as the recording appears on my notebook with an icon saying it can’t be synced back across to my iPad. The automix cue only allows songs from my itunes library to be included. I know I can copy/paste recordings onto the turntables, but not ahead of time. Does anyone know better? Am really hoping to use it for a party next weekend.

Hi James,

Currently, you cannot add the recordings to the Automix Queue but this is definitely a great idea.

Though, you should be able to sync the recordings back to your iPad. Did you save the recording to your Mac/PC first before adding it to your iTunes library?

yea - save the recording to your itunes on your computer and then bounce it back to your ipad as a song and you can do whatever you want with it, including having it on deck in automix… :slight_smile: