PLEASE HELP! How do I set up phase with iPad and DJay pro and a DVS mixer

I purchased a NuMark scratch 2 channel mixer and MWM Phase Because Algoriddim said that mixer and phase are both compatible. I’m having the hardest time setting it up and I can’t find any helpful directions other than the outdated ones on the Algoriddim phase form. All I am getting is the tone. I’m using an iPad Pro 4, the latest Djay Pro update, Phase and NuMark Scratch and 2 technics turntables. Is this system truly compatible? Please help and please let me know how to set it up. I have it connected just like the picture on the other topic shows. This is frustrating because I just spent a lot of money and I don’t want to have to go to Serato because I rely heavily on the neural mix features.


I have the same question.

I had some trouble connecting Phase dj to Algoriddim Djay on my Ipad prom and Numark Scratch mixer.
I connected Phase to my laptop and clicked reset on both remotes and the receiver, I also calibrated them using Phase manager. After calibrating, I connected it to my mixer and ipad and performed another calibration in Djay. Everything works now though I haven’t reaally spent much time using it. Goodluck!

Check at the back of your mixer if it is switched to line and not phono.
Also, make sure its on relative mode. :slightly_smiling_face: cheers!

Hi @Old_Man_Ratchet,

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At this time we cannot speak on how exactly Phase integrates with djay but we will update this thread as we are allowed to provide more detail on this topic.

In the mean time, feel free to try out the steps @BennyB listed out in their last few posts.

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