Please help me...

…remove these unsightly stickers by enabling the option of either hiding the BPM display or keeping it as the track’s native tempo.

To me, a major part of the challenge of DJing is beatmatching and correcting drift. Having the BPM display constantly there takes away that challenge, and try as I might I just can’t help catching a glimpse of the number when I have to look at the screen and then that challenge is lost.

Not hating at all, but not all DJs want to use SYNC and having those displays there is as good as pressing the button.

Excuse my ignorance in these matters, but surely an option within settings which essentially just changes the font colour of the BPM display to match the background can’t be that difficult to implement?


I love youre stickers :slight_smile:


Thank you for this photo =)
Can you tell why the BPM display bothers you? Why would you hide them?