Please help with coming from Serato!

Hi guys. I’ve been a Serato user for over a decade but loving the new features of djay pro so thought I’d give it a trial, I have a couple of issues though.

It’s picking up my Serato crates but a lot of the files (maybe a quarter) are saying ‘Track not available’. I’ve analysed all the files so it’s not that.

The music videos will not play from the crates it just shows the visualise, but if I click ‘show in finder’ then drag them in from there to djay pro then they do play properly.

Djay pro is picking up my que points from all my audio files my not my music videos.

Any help would be greattly appreciated! :pray:

Hi there and welcome to the forum.

Can you tell me, if you add the folder manually does the song play? I am assuming that you’re trying to import directly from your sarato. Library.

This is definitely something for the dev Guys as it sounds like a compatibility issue.

Just found this online. I am not sure if it’s still relevant but worth a try.

Thank you for that but I think that article is out of date as 4.0 did it all automatically and has a crates section to view them in

Hi @DJWillby,

Thanks for posting to the community for the first time!

Please note that djay’s My Crates source was previously only able to view tracks on your devices root music folder. This has since been fixed in the latest update to djay Pro AI for macOS/iOS, v4.0.3.

Have a nice day!

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