Please integrate djay Pro with Pulselocker to allow offline playback of a subscription streaming service

I would love to see djay Pro integrate Pulselocker into it’s library options. This would allow the offline playback people have been begging for from Spotify for a long time. It would also keep djay Pro fresh and up to date.

Pulselocker is a new service being offered to dj’s for $10-$20 a month. It’s boasting 44 million tracks. The $20 a month tier allows for offline playback via Serato. I think this is going to be a very big move for the dj industry and Algoriddim should jump on board.

Here is their website:

Now Serato has Pulselocker with offline playback support, having Pulselocker on other apps does make a lot of sense, especially on iOS Djing apps !

One doesn’t want to be locked with Serato.

I just hope there’s no exclusivity deals ongoing between Algoriddim/Spotify or Serato/PulseLocker.

Rekordbox has also announced support for Pulselocker.

C’mon Algoriddim ! Looks like the only way to go if you want to have Pros on board.

Offline playback, right to broadcast to audience, these are key features for a DJ. One other is to have one streaming service that works on all their Djing software.

And I’m wondering what Apple is doing with Apple Music… At least I’m glad to see they have the openness to give you guys an award for Djay Pro, although it supports competitive Spotify streaming service support.

Same for me, i want to see Djay for Ipad working with Pulselocker as well… this will be a huge step for Djay compared with the other DJ softwares

Yes Algoriddim guys and gals - get your asses in gear.

Pulselocker and PRO streaming services are becoming a huge necessity amongst DJ’s - for 2 reasons.

  1. Offline Playback - a massive issue.
  2. Its quite simply “illegal” to DJ at any event or club using your “pro” software with the current Spotify access. Leaving expensive download purchases as an only option.

I for one would prefer to ONLY use my iPad and controller for gigs. But due to the legal issues surrounding this, It just cannot happen (unless Spotify come up with an unlikely pro subscription).

Offline play is not even biggest issue - legality is however and Spotify themselves have made it very clear on their forums that public performance can get your username blacklisted.

"it is no longer possible to purchase tracks through Spotify as mp3’s as the downloads store has been recently removed from all countries… there are no current plans to restore it. "

I think that answers your idea about buying a tracks from Spotify. However its something that would render using Spotify in the first place pretty useless anyhow. May as well just browse Beatport or iTunes right ?

Negotiating and adding buttons to buy tracks when you are already paying for streaming services, is just a workaround and NOT a real solution for a Pro DJ use with “Pro” labelled software when the current (Pro software) competition are all (except NI) implementing Pro level streaming services (sry, lotta pro’s in there).

Personally I’d prefer a Pro Spotify plan, but if the solution is waiting/hoping for them to implement something vs writing something that WILL work, is it not better to have the alternative option before people jump ship ?

FYI - Peeps need to vote for “Spotify Pro” if its ever going to be considered here:…

Honestly, I’d imagine it would be easier for Algoriddim to negotiate some sort of licensing thing through Spotify to allow offline play than to incorporate an entirely different, additional streaming service.

Another option: Have a “buy track” button right in the app from Spotify. Stream it till you’re sure you like it, then purchase the track in app.

Please go up vote this entry. We will see if we can get some movement.…

If Spotify doesn’t get offline playback and djay doesn’t integrate Pulselocker I’ll be going back to Serato.

Spotify got me here and Pulselocker would make me leave. I don’t mind paying more for offline playback.

I’m sad to see so many dj’s requesting pulse locker and here it is 2016 and still no pulse locker,get with the dj times and lets all rock the house!!!

would be great to have pulselocker on board indeed! it would be Djay and even more of a killer app compared to the competition.