Please make Djay Pro read knob positions once in a while, so that you can trust the settings :-)

Is it possible to get Djay Pro to read knob positions once in a while like other products do (Serato, Pioneer DJ etc.)?
You always have to move them all a bit before knob position and the setting of the equivalent function is matching each other… Very very annoying and would therefore be really nice if you could trust the knob positions at all times :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m surprised it’s not implemented that way. I had a few bad experience when the settings were not the same as on the controller after starting the Djay Pro.

+1 here

Hey Algoriddim developers :slight_smile: It has been 6 months, since this topic was raised :slight_smile:
Could you please give your opinion on this subject! :slight_smile:

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Brian :slight_smile:

I have noticed a setting under advanced I think, named “Reset jadda jadda,… on loading a song”, that you can toggle on/off :slight_smile: Can any of you guys confirm that this does the trick? :slight_smile: I haven’t noticed it before the latest update (1.4.4 i believe :slight_smile: )

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I agree with Brian. If I load a new track and have the echo effect on but volume down, it starts to play the echo effect even though the volume for said effect is at 0. Have to quickly raise it me then lower it to shut it off.