Please make the Crossfader FX settings more user-friendly respectively midi-mappable

I’m a huge fan of the new Crossfader FX functionality. I would really appreciate if we could map the different transitions to the pads of a controller and choose them like one of the Instant FX. So instead of having Echo Out or Reverb Out, I could quickly switch from EQ to Filter, Dissolve or any of the other effects. That would be much easier and way more comfortable than being forced to use the mouse or touchpad on the laptop. Just add it to the FX menu and call it “Transitions”


Thanks for the suggestion @Andreas_Haase1 ! I’ve shared this with the dev team for consideration.

I would suggest if the cross fader drop down transition menu could be positioned a little away from cross fader. Cross fader Transitioning on a Mac book or iOS was convenient in the previous version.Ty.

Great suggestion, I voted for this.

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