Please make the Cue Point quantization more forgiving.

It’s very hard to jump to a cue point, while a song is playing, and have it sync seamlessly. In fact, it often throws a mix that is in sync out of sync. I noticed there is a slight quantization when setting cue points while a song is playing but not for when I’m playing them back. is there a way to turn on quantization for playing cue points? Is there a way to set that quantization to something more forgiving, like 1/4 bar (4 beats to a bar) or 1 bar?
I see a round button with a pencil in it at the right end of the “CUE POINTS” window, for editing cue points. I think having a quantize on/off button at the left end of the “CUE POINTS” window could be a good place for it.

David, can you please clarify what you mean in your comment. I have an iPad Pro and latest version of djay.  I can beat jump around a song by tapping on the waveform overview and sync is maintained. However, triggering saved loops and saved cue points do not maintain sync. 

The thread topic is Cue point quantization and you say we have implemented this feature so not sure what the actual status is?  Can you please clarify the status and timing on… 

  • Quantizing the setting of a cue point / loop - Yes?
  • Quantized beat jump by touching the waveform overview - Yes? 
  • Quantized beat jump when saved loops or cue points are triggered - No? Any idea when its coming?

Also… there a difference between the iOS version and the iPad OS version?

The above sounds good. 

So, I think the issue for me is that if a beat grid is slightly off and I manually nudge a track, the sync changes from all blue to blue outline. In the blue outline mode the saved loop beatjump no longer works.  

I guess it would be nice if beatjumping was quantized regardless, ie: beat position in a bar was maintained on the track being moved to a saved loop.

At least I am clearer on the situation now. Thanks for clarifying.

I vote for that too. Have you some news???

I vote for that two :wink:


Ok, thank you. I’m ready! :wink:

I vote for that.


We have implemented this feature and added it to the iOS version of djay. It required us to make some changes to the Sync engine. We will also bring quantization of cue point and loop triggers to Mac. I can’t provide a roadmap on this yet, but it’s coming.

Rishi, here is an outline of the current behavior of quantize: 

  • Quantizing the setting of a cue point / loop -> Currently aligned to the closest beat or onset (i.e. no fixed quantization interval) 
  • Quantized beat jump by touching the waveform overview -> Yes, 4 beat quantization when touching the waveform
  •  Quantized beat jump when saved loops or cue points are triggered -> Yes, 1 beat quantization for triggering saved cue points and 4 beat quantization when triggering saved loops, however, this behavior is only active if both tracks are playing in sync mode. 

There is no difference in this regard between the iOS version and the iPad OS version. 

Ideally, what specific settings/behavior for quantize would you like to see? 

Ah I see, thanks for clarifying this use case. I’ve noted your feedback and I think specific setting regardless of sync mode makes sense.

I think this would be a great feature as well!

Yes. It would be a useful feature.

I’d also like it when a track is scanned the software put Cue Point automatically as already ’ do other software.

I downloaded the trial version of Djay Pro 2. I noticed that even this version did not perform the quantization of the song as the previous version in my possession. I was hoping that in this new version it had been added.

I highly recommend adding the quantization of the song and if possible also a metronome in the next updates.

In the end I decided and I bought the App Store Djay Pro 2 for Mac. I was conquered by the beautiful graphics and high quality audio. Beautiful coupled with my main software Pioneer Rekordbox Dj. I will use them both according to needs. Excellent work Algoriddim.

Hi there

thank you for your feedback.
I will forward this as a request for a Quantize mode. It would be great if other users could push the topic by giving there votes.

Lukas E.

Thank you all for pushing this post.
Be assured that we got this issue on our agenda. I will keep you posted if there are news regarding a quantisation mode.

Lukas E.

Yes I agree it would be useful.

I see that this feature has been requested many times in the past couple of years. It would be REALLY REALLY useful if this feature was present! I’m having immense trouble skipping through a single track because I can’t cue a later section of the track on time. Thank you thank you!

Algoriddim, please give us a quantisation mode! Are there any news?