Please make the new 'Crossfader FX' toggle switch, midi assignable.

I am using the Pioneer DDJ400 (and MacBook Pro M2 Pro) and want to use ‘Crossfader FX’, however when I manually toggle the switch to ‘ON’, and press the headphone ‘cue’ button for the incoming track, I can’t hear the incoming track in my headphones because the crossfader is over on the playing track and according to ‘Crossfader FX’ nothing should play, however this should not be the case in the headphones, I want to pre cue my track by listening to it in the headphones. I also want the ability to scratch the first beat and drop it in before the ‘Crossfader FX’ mix. This is not possible with ‘Crossfader FX’ being on. However this a secondary concern.

So a quick ON/OFF midi button for this function would be ideal, not having to go to my computer every time. Not only is it a shlep but also slows my mixing/performance down with 2 click process (First open the menu, then toggle the switch).

My plan is to have the ability switch ‘Crossfader FX’ on and off with a button on the DDJ400 at an instant. At the moment I can only do it on the screen of my Macbook (and as I see on YouTube videos of DJs on IOS and controllers, they go to the screen to, 2 click process).

Please make it so the the ‘Crossfader FX’ toggle switch is midi assignable for instant ON/OFF not only manual on the trackpad on the laptop screen. Please!



There is a Toggle Crossfader FX command. In this example, I mapped it to the [~ `] key.

I added the Toggle Crossfader FX command to my custom DDJ-FLX4 mapping. Unfortunately, I couldn’t add it to the built-in Algoriddim mapping. The Algoriddim mapping restricts access to both the command and the hardware button on the FLX4.


Thanks, this could work. Thank you.

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